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Address to the issues of maintaining an EMS system or the room energy issues.

PerfitTech (PFT) is providing commercial building management with energy and operation solutions. We provide project-based solution and programmed to fit the project's need. We created the control algorithm and developed the solution to use only one system controlling all kinds of HVAC equipment like the Sky Air Heat pump and duct heater in the US. 


The thermostat we used is the C717 thermostat of our EMS energy management system, which is capable of doing the following:

1. When the room is checked in and occupied, it will automatically set the preset point and give hotel guest full control of the room temperature.

2. When the room is checked in but unoccupied, it will release the setpoint to save energy. 

3. When the room is checked out, it will release the setpoint further so as not to minimize the energy waste.

4. the thermostat will stop the fan coil when the balcony window opens. It will turn on the fan coil again when the window is closed. 

5. The thermostat C717, door switch, window switch, and Occupancy sensor build a network and communicate to the front end for the facility management.

6. The device and front end have months of historical trend data to support troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. 

7. Hotel facility management can access the system remotely, technically from anywhere, with the right secure log-on.

Solution Sample 1 for Project Owner

Here is a solution on Installing System Integration Support Capability in DAFL. We worked with our clients on projects using our unique thermostat system to control the VRV heat pump and duct heater, and provide the space heating and cooling any time, which is a great VE solution for those projects are short of fund for heat recovery system. The solution will open to door to more VRF projects. The thermostat system itself is a hotel solution, which it is much stronger than INNCOM by Honeywell from a technology or application standpoint. With it, our clients should be able to win any hotel project as the solution is best. 

Solution Sample 2

PerfitTech (PFT) was the development partner with INNCOM on the INNCOM and Daikin integration, and worked with INNCOM in 2 years to secure 6000 hotel room for Daikin VRV HR. We are also the development partner in this thermostat C708, and we went one-step forward to build the P1P2 protocol into the C708 thermostat. Now the solution is much stronger than before. Here is another solution sample.

Proposal Sample to Project Owner

The solution will help your sales to win projects, and we will install in local with tech. support at your side, so the team will be more confident on leveraging the solution to compete in the market. Also, the setup would be a solid demonstration for marketing.


Here is our proposal.

1. Build a demo in the training lab. You need a duct-heater with AO (0-10VDC) input.

2. The demo will have 2 x C708.  1 connect to IDU-A, 1 connect to IDU-B, with Duct Heater, controlled by EM902.


2.1 If Stat 1 and Stat 2 both need cooling, IDU-A, IDU-B will have cooling by VRV.

2.2 If Stat 1 need cooling but Stat 2 need heating, IDU-A cooling, IDU-B heat by Duct heater.

2.3 If Stat 1 and Stat 2 both need heating, IDU-A, IDU-B will have heating by VRV, Duct heater OFF

You can see the thermotat use PID control and provide 3 minutes to protect the changeover.

You will have a set of SI kind including extra 2 thermostats, 1 x USB-RF kit to the laptop, and the workbench (SW) , and 2 sets of Door SW, Window SW, and Occ sensor kit and 1 set of sample of frame color. 1xRD101 for controlling the Daikin mini-split.

With the kit, you/your team can work remotely with us on the deployment we need for the project thru TeamView, or Anydesk.


Project Reference

UPENN  Boat House,  Philadelphia PA 19130  USA

KCI  Marriott, Kansas City, MO 64153 USA 

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 USA

The Windsor Suites, Philadelphia, PA  USA


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