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The Challenge Of Air Conditioning Usage In Hotel 

We don't stop the air conditioning when we leave our house. Some of us may schedule the air conditioning at different setpoints upon Home, Leave, Return, and Sleep status. However, no one can schedule a hotel room. We can not expect hotel guest to change the setpoint to save energy when they leave the room during their check-in period. We can not expect the hotel guests to turn off the air conditioning when they leave for check-out.

The Opportunity Of HVAC Energy Saving in Hotel

On average, 40% of the time, the hotel guest is not in the hotel room. Can we stop wasting energy of heating or cooling the room when it not occupied? The hotel's commercial electric bill rate is times higher than the residential rate. Isn't the monetary value from the energy saved big enough to pay back the cost of the Hotel Room Energy Management System (HREMS) quickly, like 2 to 3 years return on investment (ROI)? Isn't the energy-saving countermeasure extending the equipment's life span 40% longer, which greatly impacts saving for equipment replacement costs?  Luckily, the answers are all YES!

A System Architecture of PerfitTech's HREMS Solution

 The Reward of The PerfitTech's HREMS Solution

For Hotel Owner/Investor 

For Hotel Facility Management And Engineering Team

Energy Saving


For commercial areas where scheduling is not a good fit,  PerfitTech uses networked (PIR) Occupancy sensors to determine the operation status and configure the energy-saving strategy to meet the requirement.  We design and tailor the optimized plan with turnkey implementation to cut the operation costs and maximize the savings.

Energy Efficiency


PerfitTech teams with you, to use custom energy efficiency solution, with options in funding the project, to help you upgrade your building that paid by your energy savings.

We provide not just an energy management system but also an energy package to saving
the operation cost. 

Connected Improvement


PerfitTech works with you to deliver energy management system from A to Z. 

We offer facility management remote access to the operation and service contracts to achieve the goal together - to ensure optimized comfort control and maximize energy savings. 


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